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Social Impact

Life Science



Big Data




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dr Poket


Pin Your Client


A software designed for mobile devices which utilizes Augmented Reality technology for displaying virtual objects in real environment.

An interactive mobile application for tourists that offers routes tailored to user’s preferences and is becoming user’s personal guide in a mobile version.

Mobile application that streamline daily work of medical teams and caregivers in children’s hospices, which also gives remote access to information about the current status of the patient.

Project that aims to create a strong Polish brand manufacturer of custom-made bicycles, scooters and electric motorcycles. Vehicles are a combination of art and new technologies.

SIP is a hardware which provides intelligent drink and beverage pouring solution. Product introduces also easy way to promote events with the usage of social media. It offers interactive interfaces that are targeted towards fairs and trade expos.

Fashionote is personal notebook that helps remember fashion items that we come across in fashion magazines. It is a mobile application to use while reading them that allows to recognize the items on magazine page, remember them and shop them online or offline.

dr Poket is drug management and tracking platform, designed to make sure that the right people are taking the right drugs at the right time. Our system links the patient with the doctor and provides information about medical history, possible drugs interactions and precautions.

Pressium simplifies media relations by giving its users a set of customized PR tools. With Pressium complete online press rooms can be created in just few minutes, PR professionals will spend less time than usual on preparing press releases and e-mail distribution.

Pin Your Client solves three most important challenges for the SaaS platforms. Convincing more people to sign up for free account, swaying more to start paying and predict who will stop. It finds users on which marketers should focus as they are most prone to start or stop paying.

StructView is an innovative suite of solutions that enhance static pages and web applications with dynamic 3D components. Thanks to unique tools and services linked to them, it is able to supply products that offer a whole new dimension of quality and functionality.

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